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  Eric Visser is the founder of Visser Construction. His history of growing up in the construction industry and working for the family business in the Midwest ultimately led him to home building in Alaska. Originally born in Florida and growing up mostly in Iowa, Eric came to visit Alaska in the winter in 2008 and never left. Construction and home design are in Eric’s blood. His father has owned a paint contracting business in Iowa for almost 30 years. Sister, Marie, owns an interior design firm also located in Iowa. Little brother owns a carpet installation business in, you guessed it, Iowa. One of his uncles even owned a construction company on the Caribbean island of Grand Cayman. 

  After moving to Alaska, Eric got involved in real estate investing within the first couple of months of being here. During the same time, he started working in the oil industry, first for CH2MHILL and then for Orion Engineering. The years of project management experience in the oil industry has helped him get building down to a science.

  In the beginning of 2015 he left the oil industry to manage his real estate portfolio (and take some time off). He spent a substantial amount of time out the country, driving a motorcycle around the world! It was in the beginning of 2016 when he returned to Anchorage and spotted a void in the Anchorage housing market and decided to start Visser Construction.  What was that void? Clean, modern, affordable homes that are super-efficient and really easy to maintain. All the homes that Visser Construction has designed and built were constructed with that in mind.  

  Eric is a member and on the board of directors for the Anchorage Home Builders Association. He helps support community volunteer projects through the Anchorage Home Builders Endowment Fund.  He also advocates for intelligent regulation by participating in Anchorage assembly meetings and works to improve building practices through constant education and research into the most advanced building techniques

Eric Visser
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